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MA 125

Calculus I - 2018 Summer

Course Information

  • Semester: 2018 Summer
  • Title: Calculus I
  • Section: MA 125-101 (MSPB 360)
    • Mon-Fri 2:00pm-3:15pm
  • Office Hours (MSPB 314)
    • Wed 8:00am-9:00am, 10:05am-1:50pm, 3:15pm-4:30pm
  • Math Technology Lab Hours (ASC 1301)
    • Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm
    • Quizzes must be begun by 4:00pm

Course Content

From the Bulletin: This course provides an introduction to calculus with emphasis on differential calculus. Topics include limits of functions, derivatives of algebraic and transcendental functions, application of the derivative to curve sketching, optimization problems, and examples in the natural sciences, engineering, and economics. The course concludes with an introduction to anti-derivatives, definite integrals, and the fundamental theorem of calculus.

Basically, we will learn how inspect the behavior of mathematical functions as their inputs approach or limit to certain values. Important examples of limits include derivatives that measure instantaneous rates of change, and integrals that measure areas under curves.

Textbook and MyLab Math

The textbook for this course is Joel Hass and Maurice D. Weir: University Calculus – Early Transcendentals, (with access code to MyLab Math) Pearson, 3rd edition, 2016. In particular, the physical textbook will not be required, but an access code for MyLab Math is required. Temporary access for 14 days may used until an access code is purchased.

The Math Technology Lab will be available for students to use during the semester. Calculators will be provided by the lab for use during assessments.


Grades in this course are determined primarily based upon your mastery of the course material. Throughout the semester, students will complete a Study Plan in MyLab Math that reflects their learning of the material, worth 85% of their grade. The remaining 15% will be based upon the Final Exam. Letter grades will be assigned on the usual 10-point scale.

In summary:

  • Weight of assessments
    • Study Plan: 85%
    • Final Exam: 15%
  • Letter grade assignments
    • A: 90% or greater
      • Midsemester goal: 34 MP
    • B: 80% or greater
      • Midsemester goal: 30 MP
    • C: 70% or greater
      • Midsemester goal: 26 MP
    • D: 60% or greater
      • Midsemester goal: 22 MP

Active/Inactive Students

By default all students are considered Active in the course. However, students that fail to sufficiently participate in the course (as described below) will be designated as Inactive. Inactive students will be blocked from making progress on their Study Plan until they return to Active status.

Students may be returned to Active status by making an appointment and meeting with the instructor and discuss the issues that caused the student to fall into Inactive status, and come to an agreement on how to correct these issues. Reinstatement of Active status is at the discretion of the instructor.

Class Activities

On a typical day of class, students will be seated at a table with a computer station and whiteboard. The instructor will lecture on the material as briefly as possible, and the remaining time in the class will be spent by students working example problems in small groups at their whiteboards.

Students that are tardy will be counted as absent. Students that do not participate in working examples on the whiteboard when asked to do so in small groups will be counted as absent.


Attendance will be taken Monday through Thursday. Generally, only absences that have been previously approved by the instructor or that are related to a medical issue (with accompanying documentation from a medical professional) will be considered excused.

Students that accumulate five or more unexcused absences will become Inactive. Students are responsible for maintaining records of excused absences and submitting those records to the instructor once four absences have been accumulated.

MyLab Math Study Plan and Quizzes

In MyLab Math, each student will complete an individualized Study Plan that reflects their progress through the course material. Each section of the textbook covered in class is associated with up to five (usually four) Objectives, each worth one Mastery Point. Each Objective may be practiced by using the Practice button in the Study Plan.

Each section is also associated with a Quiz (available under Assignments). Quizzes may only be taken in the Math Technology Lab in ASC 1301 during their operating hours. Each Quiz includes one exercise for each Objective. Exercises that are completed correctly will mark the corresponding Objective as mastered; incorrect solutions will mark the corresponding Objective as unmastered. Quizzes may be retaken as often as desired to retry unmastered Objectives, but be warned that mastered Objectives may be taken away if answered incorrectly. Only the lab-provided calculator and scratch paper may be used during a quiz.

Each mastered Objective is worth one Mastery Point in the Study Plan. The Study Plan is worth the percentage of Mastery Points earned out of the maximum possible.

Inactive students will be locked out from working on MyLab Math quizzes until they return to Active status.

The last day to work on quizzes to improve the Study Plan is the last day of classes: Monday, July 23.

Review Days

Fridays are set aside as review days. On review days, students have the option to either come to class and review old material with the instructor, or to work on MyLab Math quizzes in the Math Technology Lab. Attendance is not taken on review days.

Makeup Assignments

Quizzes may be retaken at any time during the Math Technology Lab’s hours of operation, so no makeup assignments will be necessary.

Final Exam

A comprehensive Final Exam will be given at the end of the course. Information on this exam will be given during the final weeks of classes.

Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty is defined in USA’s Student Academic Conduct Policy. Any student who is caught cheating before the Final Exam will immediately lose all earned progress in the Study Plan. Any student caught cheating during the Final Exam will receive a 0 for the final and be deducted one letter grade for the course. In addition, the incident will be reported to the university.

Any student who is caught cheating twice will automatically receive an F letter grade for the course.

USAOnline and USA Course Policies

The official syllabus for this course is available on USAOnline. Grade data will be provided to students via regular printed progress reports.

USA’s Course Policies apply to this course.